In 2012 when Cathryn Steir (founder) quit the restaurant world, she had no idea what direction life would take her. But she knew that whatever adventure the world was going to bring her on next, she needed to do some proper spring-cleaning first. So she started with her makeup drawer and medicine cabinet. It occurred to her that she didn't know what most of the ingredients were in her everyday products. Being in the restaurant world for so long she had always known what she was putting INTO her body, but had no idea what she was putting ONTO my body. The rest is Cherish Artistry history.



Cherish Artistry is a company that was built on the ideals that there are a lot of different and wonderful causes in the world that are important to a lot of different people, there isn't any reason one beauty line can't be sustainable, pretty, cruelty free, vegan, handmade in the US, fair trade, natural, organically based, and locally sourced.